What are the 3 types of Digital Media & how to make use of them?

What are the 3 types of Digital Media & how to make use of them?

Different types of Digital Media can assist brands in reaching more people and in spreading the word about companies in the correct channels.

Whatever the type of Digital Media is, whether it is earned, owned, or paid, each one of these is known for representing the opportunities, advertising, and popularization for interacting with the target audience.

Some of the main objectives of Digital Marketing are the creation of content,generation of engagement, and strengthening of a brand.

You are required to make your brand to be present everywhere for achieving all of these. It is important for you to know the types of Digital Media in this process.

Brands are much more likely to do better communication with their audience when they have this knowledge. In addition to this, those companies do the expansion of their operations, by reaching more people with the help of different channels.

There are good strategies to activate in all three types of Digital Media, which brings the expected results in engagement, brand awareness, and conversions.

Here you will come to know about 3 types of Digital Media and how to use them. These Digital Media are:

  • Earned Media
  • Owned Media
  • Paid Media
Earned Media

Earned Media is all the media which a company used to get through what we call "word of mouth" but in the world of the internet.

Each and every action of a company in turn generate comments about those strategies. It is a free media that is conquered because of these actions.

Probably, the Earned Media is one of the three types of Digital Media, in which there is no direct investment in the acquisition of it. Of course, all the work on channels, such as social media, has indirectly resulted in it.

The truth behind this is that the Earned Media is the most crucial media since it is more organic. When the users of a website used to talk about a company, there is a spontaneous activity, without being a bigger movement for making it happen.

Meanwhile, some efforts lead to these achievements. Without a doubt, the main one is the SEO standard adjustments that are required by Google.

The work is long and has the requirement of being committed since that will result in brands that are able in getting appeared on the first page of the results of Google.

Thus, when you are ranked well in Google, it is easier to be visible to users. Special thanks to the improvements which are made to the website of a brand and in blog posts.

Owned Media

Owned Media is the that media which the company owns permanently among the three types of Digital Media. It is the channel that brands used to keep, and through them, it generates direct content about its services and products.

These channels also facilitate lead education and engagement, as well as these, are being informative from the perspective of an institution.

If any brand is having this Owned Media, naturally, it is investing in something that is possessed by its own, without paying for some other companies for the promotion of the business. This is the main reason that why this category is called Owned Media.

Paid Media

Paid Media is the most popular media among the three types of these Digital Media.

It is simply that all those media in which you are required to pay to have the expansion is called paid media. Each direct investment made by the brand enters this category, and the direction is for disclosure channels.

The goal behind Paid Media is to reach a wider audience, by making a huge number of people know about your brand. For accomplishing that, you have to invest in media with the potential for bringing more awareness to the company, its products or services, or its campaigns.

Among the three main types of Paid Media, we can further mention these as:

  • AdWords (Google)
  • Link driven to social media
  • ads in portals of related segments