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Best SEO Packages: How Much Do SEO Packages Cost

Are you in search of the Best SEO Packages? Spii Design facilitates the best and cheap SEO packages for small to large size businesses. Rather than serving our clients with fixed-price monthly SEO packages, we indulged in serving them with cheap and custom SEO packages that assist in their business requirements./p>

Highly Affordable SEO Packages For All Business Sizes From Spii Design

SEO Packages that are offered by Spii Design are not at all the same for businesses of all sizes. The reason is that we have a better understanding of that as every business is not the same, so how can their SEO packages be the same. This is the reason that we are indulged in offering custom SEO packages for all of our clients if they are in search of custom SEO packages.

As we have a better understanding of these variations, we have done the categorization of our SEO packages into 3 categories. These are Large Scale or Ecommerce Business SEO Package, Mid Scale Business SEO Package, and Small Scale Business SEO Package.

The cost of SEO is dependent on numerous factors, for instance, the number of keywords to target, National or International SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Local SEO, Content marketing, and website design upgrades, so the cost of SEO is also dependent on the agency to agency pricing.

Benefits of Taking Spii Design SEO Packages

Improved User Experience

Maximization of user experience is dependent upon how you are serving your targeted audience with the best quality information. Our SEO package is inclusive of the activities like supporting the text with videos, relevant photos, and creation of easy-to-use navigation, & mobile-friendly configuration, etc.

Optimise your site for all Search Engines

Optimise your site for the most popular search engines, increase traffic and customers online by targeting pages and keywords with the most potential to engage.

Better Conversion Rate

SEO techniques of Spii Design assist your business website to rank in a better position in your search results. Thus, each visit that you get from your interested visitors comes with the high potential of getting turned into sales. In other words, SEO is known to do marketing without taking any stop. SEO used to work for your business 24*7.

Choose a plan, get started

Optimise your site for the most popular search engines


Perfect for start-ups and small business websites


Per Month
  • 1 GB Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Basic Styles

Perfect for start-ups and small business websites


Per Month
  • 2 GB Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited Styles

Perfect for start-ups and small business websites


Per Month
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited Styles
Perfect Keyword Selection

The selection of keywords is the most crucial part of any SEO campaign. And if you get failed to do the research of the most suitable keywords for your website then you will not get the desired results that you are expecting from your SEO campaign.

Technical SEO Audit Of Website

Technical SEO Audit of website assists you in the optimization of your website for search engines and users. If your website is not perfectly optimized for better user usability and performance, then the traffic of your website will not get converted better.

White Hat SEO Techniques Only

If you desire to get long-lasting results from your SEO campaign then your SEO packages must be inclusive of only White Hat SEO. If you are using any shortcuts for getting the top results, then your website face a penalty in the future.

Perfect Development of Content & Marketing

As we all are aware that Content is the king. So, we must have a perfect content development plan included in our SEO package. The content of your website must be unique and should assist your users with the information that they require.

Competitor Analysis

If your SEO company is not indulged in offering competitor analysis then you must avoid making use of their SEO packages. The reason is without being aware of what is assisting your competitors to rank better, how can you beat them.


One of the most crucial factors for which you should look when you are going to buy any SEO Package online is the reporting. Monthly SEO reports will assist you in the evaluation of the work that your SEO company is doing for your website.

Conversion Tracking Setup

Conversion is one of the most crucial factors for which we always take care during our SEO campaigns. For doing this, firstly we discuss with our clients everything to have a better understanding of what is an actual conversion for them and the value of that conversion.

After that during our on-page SEO process, we set up conversion tracking, goal setup, and value in Google Analytics. It assists our clients in tracking conversion and in doing the measurement of the quality of our work and website visitors and behavior of the users.

How it works

Improved Trust & Authority

Google used to rank the best results on the first page. Most people don't explore the websites ranked on the 2nd page. If your website is ranked on the first page then it does establishment of the trustworthiness and authority of your business. It eases down the task of conversion of your leads into sales. The best-planned SEO packages assist in the improvement of your ranking.

Cost-Effective Business Promotion

The affordability & cost-effectiveness even for the small businesses makes them popular in all the business circles. SEO is basically less expensive than any other mode of advertisement. SEO agencies usually boost your website's ranking & this, in turn, builds the noticeable brand value that serves with the revenue benefits year after year.

Reduction of Marketing Cost Per Lead

SEO used to bring your potential customers to your website. It means your convinced purchasers come to your store 7 you are only required to close the deal with a good offer & with a caring attitude. The efforts of your marketers for making a deal are reduced considerably by SEO. This in turn lowers down your CPL & improves your profit in each sale.

What our Customers are Saying

The SEO experts at Spii Design have done an amazing job for our website. Even, we have achieved results sooner than we have expected.

Spii Design is a team of SEO experts that you can trust for fast and effective results! Their SEO experts have assured us that they would get our falling website back on track within 3 months. And most amazingly they have stuck to their words. Thank you so much, guys!

I would like to recommend the SEO services of Spii Design to anyone who is looking for SEO Specialists. They will serve you with the best results within the committed time period.