Social Media Customer Service: Tools & Tips For Doing It Right

Tools & Tips For Doing It Right

Most of the businesses have moved into the online world in 2020, but they are doing struggle to serve quality social media customer services. You should not be one of them.

Social media customer service is the practice of making use of social tools for resolving the questions or concerns of the customers. Social customer support is highly effective, the reason is that it facilitates customers in reaching your team on the platforms that are already in use by them.

How to have good customer service on social media: Some essential tips
Set up a dedicated handle for the support of social media customers

Your customer service team could likely address the questions of clients at a rapid pace and in more detail than your social marketing team can. It is a good idea for brands to make use of a separate social account for offering social media customer service solutions. For instance, Hootsuite makes use of @Hootshite_Help, which is run by the support team.

It assists filter out support and service issues from your primary channel. It also makes sure that you assign the right teams for the monitoring of the right types of incoming public messages.

It assists in the filtration of support and service issues from your primary channel. It also makes sure that you assign the right teams for the monitoring of the right types of incoming public messages.

If you are doing the creation of a dedicated social channel for customer support, which includes the handle of the other social profile bios of your brand. It lets people know where you can reach out for requests related to support.

People will still make use of your main social marketing handles for contacting you with service and support issues. They might simply make use of the brand handle they are already known, rather than looking at your main profile for checking for a support account.

If a service request used to come into your main social channel, then you can pass it along to the right team and you can respond from your support account.

Finding and Monitoring Conversations that are relevant to your business

Of course, most people will also post messages about your business online without tagging any of your social media accounts. Some of these posts might warrant any customer service response.

It means you are not eligible to wait to be tagged in social media customer support requests. You are required to do the monitoring of conversations about your brand. Then you can respond to the customers who are having a service issue - even if they haven't reached out to you.

Creation of Social Media Guidelines

Social customer support is having different challenges and opportunities from social marketing. But it is not less important for having social media guidelines in place.

Your brand guidelines for social customer support should have cover of things such as:

  • Tone of voice
  • Responsive time for each channel
  • Answer to frequently asked questions
  • Protocol for advancement or other customer issues
  • A procedure for approval of messages and a permission management system
Be proactive

If your customers are regularly having the same questions, that is a clue that you require for serving with some self-service information resources.

Your social media customer service channels are great places for sharing educational content. For instance, you can do the creation of a how-to-video or best practices blog post. It is all about assisting customers to learn how to get the most from your products.

If you are serving an online service, you could also do the posting of updates about any known service issues.

These sources will assist in the reduction of the number of support requests that used to come in. They are also an easy place for referring to people with simple support questions.

Instagram stories highlights and pinned posts are great places for serving with self- help resources.

Expansion of your idea of what customer service can be

You are required to think broadly about what used to qualify as a customer service issue. How companies are making use of social media for customer service is varied widely. It is not just about resolving problems and complaints.

Customer Service can be inclusive of anything that makes your clients feel more connected to your brand. It should make your customers more comfortable, in purchasing, using, and recommending your products.