Things You Must Do For The Ignition Of A Lead Generation Blog

Things You Must Do For The Ignition Of A Lead Generation Blog

Are you desired of turning your blog into a red-hot lead generation sales machine? These five things will assist you in setting the blogging world on fire.

Most of the companies are beginning to have an understanding that blogging can be a key to get found online, conversion of visitors to potential leads, converting those leads to sales, and delighting the customers.

However, to have just a blog is not good enough. It is just like an unlit fuse.

So, while when there are enhancing the number of companies which are having blogs, most of them tend to be about their company. The article might be about company picnics, contract wins, new hires, awards, etc. And while this kind of information is perfect for inclusion on a website, it is not at all going to generate numerous leads. In fact, it will not turn to get much amount of traffic.

A blog is required to have remarkable content for the generation of leads that will be loved by prospective customers and for sharing on social media. And this kind of content will be very crucial for the generation of inbound links to your website that in turn can dramatically turn into the improvement of your search engine rankings.

Given below are the five "must-haves" for setting up of the blog of your company on fire and for starting to generate more and more traffic, leads, and potential customers
1. A Buyer Persona Focus

Buyer personas are the representatives of your ideal buyer. Adele Revella of Buyer Persona Institute said that Buyer Persona is an example of the real buyers who are indulged in influencing or indulged in making decisions about the services, products, or solutions of your market.

At the beginning of your journey, your blog is a big opportunity for you for educating your buyers. The more you will write about the interest of your buyers or what is helpful to them, the more your blog will get successful.

Write your blogs about their typical questions and challenges and you will see that you are having an effective lead generation blog to which your buyer persona will return repeatedly.

2. One Topic Per Post

You are required to lay emphasis on one topic per post that assists in concisely and clearly addressing the problems of your buyer persona. If you make use of one topic per post it will also assist you in search engine optimization (SEO) by better enabling the search engines for knowing precisely what the post is actually about, especially when it is related to keywords.

And while you should write always for searchers first along with for search engine section, there are a few key thing which you should always remember to keep both of them happy

Include the topic of your blog post keywords in your post title.

Make sure that the title of your blog post is up to 55 characters or less than that. If you will go over, it's OK, but ensure that your keyword is there in the first 55 characters.

Inclusion of meta descriptions. This is a snippet of information that used to appear below the link of a search result. While these things are largely ignored by the search engines, these are read by your searcher while taking the decision of whether to click on the results or not. You must keep the meta descriptions under 140 characters.

Include Alt tags and image file name. Search engines are not experts in reading images so you are required to tell them what the image is actually about.

Include anchor text and links. Link your blog post to other parts of the website if that would strengthen the experience of the reader. The anchor text that you are including in the link used to indicate to the search engines what the information linked is actually about.

Focus on Mobile. Almost half of the searches on the internet are now on mobile devices. The search engines are desire to serve their users with a good experience while they are searching. So, search engines give preference to a website that is mobile-optimized.

3. Frequency and Consistency

The people who are searching for the answers provided by you (and the search engines) must reward them with frequency and consistency.

4. Imagery and Formatting

This is yet another reason that why your blogging must be focused more on your searchers than the search engines. If you are using imagery and formatting properly it will make your blog more visually digestible for the reader.

If your blog is not inviting your readers or it is not reader-friendly, then you will not draw the attention of your readers and it will not keep them there. And you will not be able to get the return to your blog.

In terms of blog length, you are required to ensure that the blog post you are providing is as long as it is required to be and used to address the questions of your visitors properly.

other formatting must-haves include:
  • Bolded Text
  • Embrace Whitespace
  • Use of high-quality images
  • Bulleted lists (like this one), subheads, and numbers
5. Opportunities of Lead Conversion

You are desired to generate leads, right? So, you must ensure that you have taken every lead generation shot as much as you can. You must think of the blog post at first in the journey of your buyer of researching their problems. Then, you have to serve your readers with the opportunity for taking them to the next logical step.

Your blog is having a huge number of prime real estate, so you have to ensure that you have included CTA buttons at the end of the post and on the sidebar, as well as in-text links. In order to enhance the relevancy and conversions, just ensure that the offers are as closely connected to the topic as much as is possible.