Professional Website Design Is Always Alive and Well

Professional Website Design Is Always Alive and Well

A professional design of the website is never dead on contrary to what currently you have read. However, the professional website design is always well and alive and your business will always flourish.

While the popular media outlets have reported that AI and low-cost WordPress templates are killing the occupation of professional website designers and developers, these are the headlines that are geared towards enhancing the discussion and traffic of the website. These claims are totally based on promotion instead of any actual facts.

Have you wondered that how I can be this confident in these statements? It is very simple. We all are humans and we also have the requirement of humans to assist in the creation of an environment where other humans can be connected emotionally.

Templates and Artificial Intelligence Are Not Able in Solving Human Problems

Each week the team of Spii Design and I assist companies with WordPress Development Projects. But, in doing so we are not just building a website. These days anyone is able to build a website.

Our main objective in each and every website design project is to assist businesses in solving the problems of the real world. These problems can be marketing issues and traditional sales or these problems can be of the customers of our clients.

The objectives of our professional website designers and developers are to do the identification of an issue and to make use of the power of the internet for solving the issues at hand.

I continuously see the articles and advertisements about the new grid type of website development. No designer is required they claim. Let the software solve your issues related to design by doing a review of your content. Really? Is it this simple? No, it is not so in reality.

A grid system that is focused completely on text and images is not able in solving problems that are related to business, because it is not constructed for doing so. It is simply made to be a quick fix to a website development project of a low budget.

It is completely focused on the view of the website owner about technology and it does not begin for genuinely addressing the goals, objectives, and problems of the website owner.

If you ever have been a part of the structure website development project, then you might have come to know that there is not any simple solution. It is a process that used to start with the discovery to do the identification of the objectives and uses of best experiences and practices for deriving a solution.

A website design package that is based on a grid may seem nifty, but it does not ask the questions that really matter. It does not ask the owners of the website about their goals and objectives related to the project, target marketing, product or service offerings, or the desired flow of traffic.

Don't make any mistakes and I recommend you to follow what I state:

The professional design of a website has to go beyond text and images. It has to cover a wide range of project elements that stock templates and artificial intelligence do not.
Professional Website Design Has To Reach Far Beyond The Grid

When you go to a conference that is related to website design and listen to the speakers or the discussion amongst attendees. They will be talking about the best practices related to design, perfecting the user experience, and solving the problems that are related to the real world for their clients.

What they will not be talking about in the conference is about grids, automating the design process, and artificial intelligence for the removal of the human element.

And this is the reason that it is not a solution. It is just a cheap alternative to real website design.

Given below are a few examples of what professional website design used to offer to clients Messaging

You are required to ask a small businessman about his marketing message and then you have to listen to the dead silence. The reason behind this is that most small businesses are not having their marketing departments and they rarely have time to sit and think about messaging and how their words can provoke activity on their website. A professional website designer not only discusses this thing with their clients, but they also assist the website owner in identifying what makes him different from his competitors.

User Personas

To ask about website personas is one of the first things that we do with our clients. We do this because it can alter the design of the website vary greatly and we are desired to identify this early on in the process. Personas can do the creation of the flow of traffic and serve with a highly focused call to action for users, while also doing the creation of an emotional response that assists the visitors of the website to get connected with the offerings of a website. Artificial Intelligence is not able in walking a website owner through the discussion of persona definition, their implementation, or their usage.

Call to Actions

An automated page builder or a website template can do a decent job or it can also create a basic button or contact form. I will not do the argument on this point, because in "some" cases, the creation of a call to action is fundamental in nature.But this is not the norm and there are numerous cases where we are possessing in- depth discussion for ascertainment of proper call to action, placement, and usage.

Search Engine Optimization

When we are having a website development project which involves SEO, we are desired to begin our project with the discovery of keyword and site mapping. The phase of discovery of keywords includes a review of available content, reporting data, website of competitors, and keyword tools then quickly have to follow with a strategy session for mapping of desired phrases to future content and existing content.

I found myself much time reading the existing content of the website page by page to assist my client in moving this process along. Once the design of the website is coded and the initial content of the website is available, we are required to begin our work on on-page optimization.

Now we come to the point that is much talked about Grid design software and comparison of their website copy to anything in the process of SEO. Guess what? You will not find it. And this is the reason that the automated design of the website is not able in delivering anything that is close to the eight years of experience of real-world SEO that I apply to my projects of website design.

There are many other examples which I could present to you. But I think that the few examples I have discussed with you clearly show automation and website design do not get mixed with it. And definitely, they will provide the same outcome.