iOS Game Development In The Unity Platform: A Guide For Beginners!

iOS Game Development In The Unity Platform: A Guide For Beginners!

Some most popular games on the most famous platform that is an iOS platform like Sniper, Anne, Adventures, Hitman, Forgotten, etc were built by making use of the platform named Unity game engine. The ease of the building of games in the Unity platform will be continuously growing in the future times as well. Follow this blog for grabbing some of the most crucial steps for the development of the iOS games in the Unity platform.

Steps for the Development of iOS Game in the Unity Platform
For Best Results

An Apple Developer Account is required to be set up by the developer. This is for the utilization of the ability of the Unity game engine platform to the fullest. From the establishment of the provisional profiles to the addition of the devices, most of the functions are performed with the help of the Developer website of Apple. When we genuinely used to build the project, the developer is required to do the creation of the game and have to build in Xcode as well.

Make these changes
  • Under the Unity Hub, do the selection of the Installs button and do the selection of the appropriate version of the Unity game engine.
  • Click the three little dots which are available to the right and do the selection of "Add component".
  • Do the selection of iOS build support if the game is required to be created in an iOS operating system.
  • Click on Next. It used to contain SDK as well as NDK tools which are required for the creation of a complete game on the iOS platform.
  • You are required to click on Done and then have to wait for the installation.
New Project
  • Come back to the window which contains Projects, Learn, and Installs.
  • To the right side, do the selection of New for the creation of a new Unity project. Enter the name of the Project, Unity Version, and Template.
  • Do the selection of Create Project and get inside the Editor.
Working with Unity Editor
  • Once you are inside the Unity Editor platform, you are required to convert it to iOS.
  • You are required to go to the Files in the left corner on the top of the screen.
  • Do the selection of Build Settings and from that window, you are required to do the selection of iOS platform by scrolling down.
  • Click on the Switch Platform after doing your selection.
Preparation of the Unity Editor
  • It is inclusive of the steps like the addition of folders, importing some assets, different aspect ratios, and setting up a scene for going over touch inputs and gestures that are required for the new game project.
  • Do the selection of three new Folders by right-clicking from the Assets under the Unity Editor. Give the name to the Folder as Materials, Prefabs, and Scripts.
  • Later on, particle effects can be added to the Prefabs folder.
  • Make efforts to drag a bunch of different 3D model assets for experimenting with later on.
reation of 3D Objects
  • Setting up of the basic scene in the Unity Editor's Scene section.
  • After that do the right-click for doing the selection of 3D objects and select a shape.
  • After doing the selection of a shape, for instance, a Cube, the parameters of it will appear on the right side under the tab named Inspector.
  • Make necessary changes on the basis of your requirements by doing the selection from under Transform, Box Collider, and Mesh Render.
  • Click on the Add component once the shape of it is chosen.
Changing Lighting
  • The lighting tab can be found out on the right side of the Inspector tab.
  • It will assist in enhancing the color of the component that is created by changing the Environment, Mixed Lighting, Realtime Lighting, and Lightmapping setting.
  • Or click on Auto-generate at the bottom for ease and then do the selection of Generate Lighting.
Material Creation
  • Under the Assets, you are required to do the creation of new material by selecting it from the Materials folder.
  • For instance, if Ground is the material of which you are desired to do the creation, you can do changes in the composition on the basis of color and other settings.
  • You are required to cross-check the created assets and materials in the Game view for finding out whether your expectations and desires have been met or not.
  • Dot the selection of the view on the basis of changes in the Camera component of the Inspector tab to the right.
Adjustment of Aspect ratio
  • A person can do the changes in the aspect ratio and resolution for the game that is created.
  • It is to ensure that the game objects, materials, and other assets which are created are visible on all the numerous platforms of Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • Do the selection of the Game tab on the Unity Editor and then you are required to click on Free Aspect for making changes on the basis of your requirements.
Addition of Touch Inputs
  • You are required to go to the scripts folder. Then you have to do right-click here. After that, you have to do the selection of choose shades. Then you are required to do the creation of C# script on the basis of the requirements of the game.
  • You are required to attach the newly created script to the main camera. Then you have to open the new script inside the Visual studio.
  • Make the addition of functions which you require.

You are facilitated to write codes for more complicated colors and you are required to touch schemes inside the Visual Studio. Drag gestures, Zoom gestures, etc can also be added to the game on the basis of a similar procedure.

Working with Xcode

The next step is to do the download a mobile app which is known as Xcode that is available on the app store. It is a mandatory step for building games for the iOS platform.

  • After downloading the app, you are required to open the folder where you have saved your new game.
  • From the folder, you are required to do the selection of the following: Unity- iPhone.xcodeproj, and you are required to double-click on the same.
  • You are required to ensure that the Bundle Identifier is exactly the same as that it was in Unity.
  • Do the selection of a display name for the game as well.
  • From the Xcode menu, you are required to choose Preferences.
  • Addition of a new account. It can be performed by doing click on the plus symbol from the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • You are required to do the selection of the Apple id and then you are required to click on continue from the pop-up.
Management of Sign-In Options
  • You are required to go to the Xcode app Window. Then you are required to do the selection of the Signing dropdown from the General Tab.
  • Then, you are required to do the selection of the Automatically Manage Signing option. Then you are required to click on the Enable Automatic from the resultant pop-up.
  • It will fill up all the required details for all the options down below.
Building And Launching The Game
  • After that, you are required to click on the play button on the top left-hand corner of the screen in the Xcode app window.
  • Xcode will then do the building of the game into your own device, i.e. the iPhone. You must ensure that the device is plugged in.
  • Once you are done with the building process, Xcode will do the launching of the game on the device.
Testing of the App

You can do the building as well as testing of your app in the Xcode. You are required to submit the game to the Apple certification team for review. If your mobile app has cleared all the parameters, then your game will get live in the App Store in 24 hours.