Brand Positioning Statement

Brand Positioning Statement

In a world of marketing where everything seems to have been done not just one time, but many times, the positioning statement of your brand has never been more crucial for you.

This is the biggest chance for you to get shine. You have got the chance to set yourself apart from the competition. It’s your chance to position yourself.

Your key to success.

What the positioning statement of your brand is not? It is not something that is to be thrown together quickly. You are required to do it in the right manner. The reason behind this is that this statement will give you information regarding every single marketing decision taken by you, from here on out.

A brand positioning statement serves you as a guidance force against which every creative asset will be measured. For the branding professionals of today's times who are working with hundreds to thousands of digital assets for each service, product, or campaign, which is a digital asset management solution like Spii Design is a must. The management of the complex creative process has never been simpler from concept to execution with automated workflows, versioning, approvals, and access controls.

Spii Design facilitates as a central hub for all of your assets, is streamlining the procedure of ensuring that every single asset is in-tune and on-brand with your brand positioning statement before it has got introduced to your targeted audience.

Templates and Artificial Intelligence Are Not Able in Solving Human Problems

Let's take a step back from the point of your brand positioning statement for discussing brand positioning. Bottom line: You are not eligible to write a brand positioning statement if you are not having your core positioning down pat.

There are four required essentials for the establishment of rock-solid brand positioning Your audience

Who are your targeted demographics? What are the pain points of your demographics?

Your market

What is the category of your marketing? And, how does your brand used to better relate with your potential audience, in comparison to your competition?

Your brand promise

You have to think back to the pain points or problems of your targeted audience and then you have to ask yourself, how your brand used to resolve the problems of your audience? What are the greatest benefits your brand offers in the eyes of your audience?

Your evidence

What undeniable evidence can you serve to your audience to demonstrate that your brand is eligible in delivering your promise?

Write down all these things. Edit, and revise. Be as on-brand and as thorough as is possible for you. Then, you are eligible in writing your brand positioning statement

Brand Positioning Formula

For your audience, your brand is your market that best serves your brand promise. The reason behind this is that your brand is acting as your evidence.

4 Best Practices To Be Adopted for writing a successful brand positioning statement

A brand positioning statement must be powerful enough for making an impact. It must also be catchy and concise enough for remembering, and it should be true to the identity of your brand. If you have given importance to a brand positioning statement, writing one is not a process that should be taken lightly.

Days, hours, and weeks often go into crafting an efficient and perfect brand positioning statement. Given below are few things which you must remember when you are writing a brand positioning statement

Craft your value proposition first

Your value proposition must focus on the benefits your customers receive by making use of your services or products and touches on the emotional impact of your brand. On the other hand, your positioning statement is the "why" of your company- and what makes your brand different from your competitors. Make use of your value proposition as a jumping-off point for succinctly and clearly conveying why your brand is being a leader.

Your brand positioning statement must be in tune with your brand personality

If your brand is not too serious, lighthearted, and fun-loving, your brand positioning statement must also reflect these qualities.

You can have more than one brand positioning statement

However, it is most common to have a brand positioning statement for each of the brand persona and marketing segment, as each persona or segment may have experienced a diverse primary benefit from doing work with your brand.

It makes sense for you, then, that you are having different brand positioning statements for each to facilitate as a guiding force behind all those personas which are targeting marketing messaging. Brands which are having multiple products might have positioned their statements for each product, as well as overarching their brand positioning statements that fit the archetype of the brand for the company as a whole.

Your brand positioning statement must be able to facilitate as a guideline against which business decisions can be measured

By doing the evaluation of strategies, messaging, and other activities along with decisions in the context of the positioning of your brand statements, you have to make sure that all the actions and decisions are in line with your brand.