Best Ways For Finding The Highly Talented Freelance Bloggers For Your Business

Best Ways For Finding The Highly Talented Freelance Bloggers For Your Business

You do well, in the beginning, to post consistently, but as your business will get boom and marketing used to take more of your time, you will realize that you are not eligible to do this alone.

You have the requirement of a person who can assist you in the creation of consistent content that is quality-driven and that can appeal to your readers.

You could also be a solopreneur who is not having time at all, or who is not having the writing ability for pumping out the quality posts that are centered on your brand and niche.

You know very well that if you will find the right blogger, it will be a big investment for you, so you would have the desire to get this the first time around.

But, the problem is that you are not having a clue that where you can find these types of freelance bloggers.

Here is how you can get started

Post a job ad

An efficient and effective way for finding a freelance writer or blogger is to post a job ad on a particular job board. Some websites used to charge fees for posting, so you are required to ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of each job posting website.

If you have gone through this route and you haven't found the right freelance blogger, then this may be because of your job ad. It might be that your ad:

  • Was too vague and it hasn't quite explained the requirements of content.
  • Was not concise and was too long. New freelance bloggers might get overwhelmed by your job ad.
  • Was too general and it was not particular. Your ad only says, "blogger" but it doesn't mention what kind of blogger you want (business blogger, technical blogger, etc.)

For attracting the right applicant you are required to ensure that your ad is precise. Given below are some tips for writing a winning job ad

Start with an informative headline

The headline of your ad post must be informative and particular.

Since hundreds of bloggers will view job boards daily, you are having the desire for your job ad to pulsate with a blogger.

You are required to particularize the type of writer that you are in search of, and you are required to specify how many posts you need. You can also weed out many bloggers that don't meet your ad requirements. For instance, "Entertainment blogger for 4-8 posts in a month", clearly specifies the type of blogger that you want and also the amount of work that is required by you.

List the Scope of the Project

Your job ad must clearly define the scope of the project that you require from a blogger. While it is very crucial for you to include your business and what your business is indulged in doing, it is very necessary for you to mention what you are desired from a freelance blogger to do for you.

You are required to consider to include following

The topic you require is written: If you will facilitate with the samples from your blog or from another blog will assist a freelancer to know about what kind of content you are seeking.

Approximate word count

Do you have a requirement for short, and condensed posts of 500 words, or you have the desire for in-depth, research-backed posts of 2,000 words?

Other miscellaneous extras

Do you have the desire of interviewing the freelancers, source photos, or upload your content to your backend? Are you having expectations from him to do the promotion of your blog posts on social media?

Include important qualifications

For making it easier to sift through the dozens or hundreds of applicants that will likely apply to your job ad, you are required not to forget to include the qualifications that you seek. You have to keep it in your mind that you don't have the desire of having any old blogger, you want a person who has abundant knowledge of your industry that is having the credentials to back it up.

This might mean:
  • Relevant educational background
  • Expertise in your own industry through client work or previous guest posts
  • Experience, licenses, or certification in your own industry
  • Samples for showing expert knowledge and writing style
Include important qualifications

Many job ads don’t use to list their pay range, but they used to open their doors for all the bloggers- both under and over-qualified for applying to their job.

It can also backfire if you will not list a rate. Without seeing a rate or pay range, many bloggers will not apply to such ads. Since high-quality writers are so much in demand, they can pick and make the selection of the clients with whom they will work. If you will not list a rate then it means that you will miss out on finding your ideal blogger.

For elimination of the unqualified bloggers, and for encouraging higher-quality bloggers for applying for your job ad, you are required to list a pay range or rate, or you are required to ask your bloggers for including their rate in their application.